Federico Maddalozzo grew up in the north-eastern provinces of Italy, in the middle of a context characterized by car body shops, Sunday tuning rallies, and houses with garages and gardens suitable for washing cars.
The project Meine Welt Neue Welt takes form from this landscape as ongoing research into the car-its design, sculptural forms, trends in production and painting, and repair techniques.
Ceramic sculptures created from crashed parts of cars. Sediments of paint accumulated over many years recovered from car body shops. Wrapping films largely used for car tuning that inform the series of works Sunday.  "I’m interested in how an object accidentally changes its shape, for example a car after a crash. The matte quality and the metallic colors of the wrapping films emphasize the sculptural shape of a crashed fender."
Maddalozzo’s sculptures, paintings, and installations address the effects of actions or accidents on ordinary objects, either in the process of production or in the urban context; how prolonged use, accidental events, or manufacturing errors change the original features of an object and how these alterations produce new aesthetic and poetic possibilities.